About Force Nordic

At Force Nordic AB, we are dedicated to the advancement of road safety across a broad spectrum of industries. Our commitment to our clients lies in the introduction of innovative solutions and the provision of expert consulting and outsourcing services.

Our team boasts extensive experience in the services we offer, and although we operate in the high-tech realm, we are equally dedicated to fostering a culture of personalized care for both our employees and customers. At Force Nordic AB, we’re not just shaping the future of road safety; we’re making it safer for everyone.

/ What we do

Innovation forSafer Roads.

We cater to every stage of road safety equipment development, offering comprehensive business process support, particularly within the dynamic Scandic markets. Our approach leverages cutting-edge IT tools, encompassing CAD, CAE, DOE, and AI methodologies.

With our support, your products can transcend traditional boundaries, achieving newfound levels of sophistication and efficiency.

Meet the Team

Meet the dynamic minds at Force Nordic AB who are driving innovation and excellence in the field of road safety. Our diverse team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project, ensuring your journey towards safer roads is in the best hands.

Dawid Pałkowski

Dawid Pałkowski

Senior Engineer / Partner

Dawid is an experienced engineer with long-term professional experience in the area of development and optimization of road safety equipment. Co-creator of more than 100 road restraint systems, and inventor of 3 European Patent in the area of road and bridge safety barriers. Expert in a Virtual Tests field and adaptation to side conditions according to the Standards EN1317 and EN16303. Dawid has many years of experience in supervising of crash tests and contacts with tests houses and certification units.

Fredrik Zachariassen

Fredrik Zachariassen

CEO / Partner

Fredrik is an entreprenur and has been involved in several start-ups and currently also CEO of Veisikring AS, one of the largest VRS installers in Norway. He has been in the industry for nearly two decades, with a wide experience from both installing, sourcing and developing systems, both permanent and temporary. He is also a certified trainer for The Norwegain Road Authorities, for work on the road. He holds a MsC in Economics and Business Administration from Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH).

Marcin Piechnik

Marcin Piechnik

CTO / Partner

The whole professional carrier of Marcin, since 2006, is tied to road safety industry. Many years of experience with new products developing in the area of road restraint systems. Supervision of more than 200 real crash tests of road and bridge safety barriers and more than 10000 Virtual Tests for the devices made of steel, concrete, wood and plastic. Cooperation with clients, crash tests laboratories, notified bodies and road administration in the whole of Europe. High skilled in the application of numerical methods to processes modelling. Specialist in usage of finite element method and artificial intelligence tools in the area of road safety equipment.

Thomas Wuopio

Thomas Wuopio


Thomas has spent all his professional life in the road safety industry. He was previously CEO of one of Sweden’s leading road safety companies with operations in the Nordics. Today he runs Wopio,  experts in remodeling and new construction projects in traffic environments, in addition to SmartProtect Nordic AB. SmartProtect develops and sources temporary products.  Thomas is also chairman of the industry organization SBSV, Sweden’s trade association for safer road workplaces.

He has previously, among other things, initiated equal TA plans that include pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, and others who have been in traffic environments – in addition to road workers and vehicles. Today it has become a part of the Swedish standard, SIS.

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