Innovations for Safer Roads

Force Nordic leads the way in revolutionizing road safety. With unparalleled competence and innovation, we offer pre-tests, modifications, optimizations, and new product development. Our team of experts specializes in Virtual Testing, crash test supervision, and safety audits, ensuring the highest quality standards. Trust us to enhance your road safety solutions and create a safer world for all.

Our Offer

/ Modifications

From good productsto great ones.

If your product needs further development and you have some ideas and you are thinking about introducing it to the market we can help you go through the various stages of certification process of modified product keeping minimum cost of the process. We are cooperating with the best crash tests laboratories and certification bodies in Europe. Because of our service your products can be even more competitive and can cover a wider range applications.

/ Pre-testing

Know the resultbefore the real test.

Come with your ideas, and we will support you and give an answer what can you expect from proposed ideas which you going to introduce. We have great experience with Virtual Tests conducting for many varies road safety devices. If results not matching your expectations we will help to find proper solution. We are performing Virtual Tests according to the Standards EN1317, EN12767 and others in accordance with client wish. For Virtual Tests we are using non-linear dynamic solver LS-Dyna.

/ Optimizations

Small details,big differences.

Our service will consists in evaluating the product in terms of further possible development, in that case we are coming with an initiative, what should or can be changed in your product to meet your expectations. Benefiting from many years of our experience in road restraint systems optimization, portfolio of your products can be much more attractive in relatively quick time, minimum cost and what most important without client risk. In that case you need to send us documentation and we will make an initial assessment.

/ Product development

You have the vision.We have the knowledge.

We can assist or lead new product development process, from the recognition of client need, through conception and initial design, manufacturing of prototype, testing, certification process and startup of serial production. If any of new designed element not matching your current manufacturing capacity, we can help you of find right supplier and optimize production costs.

/ Analysis

Uncovering truths,identify possibilities.

At Force Nordic, we specialize in the meticulous analysis of road accident reconstruction. Through the power of Virtual Tests, we unlock the ability to decipher the intricacies of accidents, shedding light on the cause and course of events. Our expertise enables us to identify responsible factors, providing valuable insights that contribute to a safer road environment. Trust us to unravel the mysteries of road accidents, enhancing our collective understanding and ensuring road safety for all.

/ Audits

Road safety auditsthat matter.

We carry out of road safety audits, with particular emphasis of road safety equipment and obstacles can occur in and around the road. Our Internal Standards (Force Safety Standards), far more advanced and critical than European Standards and using the newest IT tool for safety improvements of road safety equipment.

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Have questions, need assistance, or eager to collaborate on your road safety project? Our team is here to help. Feel free to reach out, and together, we’ll pave the way for safer roads.